eVo E-Liquids

Buffalo Vapor Lounge is proud to be offering high-quality eVo E-Liquids from Nicopure Labs. Nicopure Labs uses only United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients and FEMA GRAS flavorings, and their e‐liquid base is developed to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). These e-liquids are made in a FDA registered facility and are made of the highest quality ingredients which are tested to USP standards to ensure purity and safety.

BVL is carrying the Menthol, Tobacco and Café Collections.

The collections are available in both 10 ml and 30 ml bottles

Please Note: Not all stores carry a full line of the product below.
Please refer to your stores specific menu located on the “E-LIQUIDS’ tab.


Menthol Collection

Invigorate your vaping experience with our full range of premium menthol and mint e-liquid blends. Even non-menthol smokers will find these unique blends fall into their sweet spot.

Krypton Menthol – A delicious blend with a uniquely sweet top note makes this flavor perfect for those seeking more from their menthol. Offering a dominant menthol “feel” and distinct sweetness, this unique blend provides substantial throat hit and excellent vapor.

Hybrid Light Menthol – Built on a subtle tobacco base, this light blend offers a more delicate menthol “feel”, and is great for those seeking a less intense vaping experience. With a just a hint of sweetness, the underlying tobacco base neutralizes the intensity of this blend nicely.

Crème de Menthol – Built on popular Crème de menthe flavor, this unique blend offers a sensationally sweet menthol experience. Developed on a Corsican mint base and enhanced with menthol, this flavor can be enjoyed by both sweet lovers and menthol vapers alike.

Tobacco Collection

Our full range of premium tobacco blends offers something for every customer. Each complex blend is engineered to offer an experience that parallels traditional tobacco smoking.

BlackDiamond Tobacco – this mild Turkish tobacco blend is adorned with lightly sweet top-notes, offering a truly distinct flavor and solid throat hit. The symmetry of dry tobacco base and subtle sweet undertones offers a complex flavor without being overpowering.

Whisper Light Tobacco – This light tobacco flavor offers a subtle combination of sweet tobacco with dried plum undertones. Delicately topped off with a touch of sweet caramel, this flavor is the perfect choice for those seeking lighter flavor in their tobacco e-liquid.

Dakota – This full-flavored tobacco blend offers an intense “black and mild” taste adorned with intricate licorice nuances. This unique blend is ideal for those seeking more flavor while maintaining a great throat hit and immense clouds of vapor.


Café Collection

The Café Collection offers a mouthwatering assortment of gourmet pastry and mixed drink flavors. Each blend has been meticulously formulated for optimal flavor and performance.

Tangerine Swirl – Delightfully smooth blend of sweet tangerine and creamy vanilla

Apple Pom Smoothie – Invigorating blend of pomegranate fused with mixed apple varieties.

Tropical Twister – A complex blend of blueberry, lemon, and coconut twisted into one.

Coconut Mojito – The sweet taste of coconut blended with key lime and mixed mints

Pina Colada – Traditional Pina Colada blend topped with a slight twist of lime.