Buffalo Vapor Lounge is dedicated to finding the best e-liquids in the U.S.
All our liquids are tested for flavor and optimal vaping experience.

“You can try it before you buy it!”

  • Our liquids come in 0-25mg of nicotine
  • Size – 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 ml bottles
  • Please excuse our page - we are in the process of updating it with MANY new Exciting FLAVORS!!
Allegany Woods

A natural tobacco blend designed to make poker night, or any night, a little more enjoyable

Allentown Raspberry Ice


American Red Tobacco


Apple Pom Smoothie


Bergberry Lemonade
Berry Blast


Black Diamond
Black Rock Berries

A fierce blend of multiple flavors headlined by blackberry and a smooth cranberry flavor with a splash of citrus

Blended Virginia
Blizzard of 77
Blueberry Blackberry

This is like a Vaping Blueberry Peppermint Patty. WOOHOO

Blueberry Tobacco
Blueberry York Street

This is like a Vaping Blueberry Peppermint Patty. WOOHOO

Bourbon Blend

The distinctive taste of a perfectly aged Bourbon blended with our Tobacco Premium Blend.

Caramel Coconut
Coconut Mojito
Ct. St. Caramel Cappuccino

The perfect combination of sweet and burnt caramel blended with a frothy cappuccino

Creme de Menthol




 Deep Mango
Eagle St. Candies Kaluha


Ellicott Square Cream Café

A light breakfast blend coffee flavor with a dash of cream and sugar

Forest Avenue Fireball

Like the Red Hots candy, an absolute flavor explosion of hot cinnamon fills your mouth. Nancy’s favorite!!

Fresh Picked Peach
Fruit Belt Citrus

Exploding with orange, lemon and lime flavor, this will definitely make your morning, or anytime, a little brighter.

Glen Falls Rainbow Sherbert
Grand Island Grape

A new twist on an old favorite - grape juice with a slight frosty mint taste.

Green Apple
Heavy Cigar
Horseshoe Falls Root Beer

The great taste of a frosty mug of old fashioned root beer from your PV.



Kenmore Krush

A blend of cantaloupe and strawberry with a hint of cool menthol. A light flavor that you can vape all day.        

Lafayette Lemon Dimple


Larkin Cured Tobacco

A smooth tobacco taste with a hint of delicious honey

Main Street Menthol

Very cool and refreshing, this is a true tobacco flavored menthol. This a menthol lover’s dream

Mango Strawberry


Mango Tea


Menthol by Patriot
Menthol by Titan



Mystic St. Minthol

A very light minty menthol



Nickel City Tobacco


 Old English Tobacco


Orange Candy
Orange Dream
Orchard Park Green Tea

This peach green tea is a smooth subtle perfectly blended flavor (ONE OF OUR BEST SELLERS)

Parkside Cinnamon Bun


Peach Bridge Punch

The amazing, ever-changing taste of an old classic – Fruit Stripe gum. You get the illusion of a different fruit with each vape.

Peppermint Menthol
Pierce Arrow Pomegranate

All the big taste of fresh squeezed pomegranate juice. Sit back, pucker up and enjoy.

Pina Colada
Pine Street Pineapple

The amazing taste of Hawaiian Pineapple perfectly blended with the creamy smooth taste of Malibu Coconut.

Premium Cherry Tobacco Blend

Our famous BVL Premium Tobacco Blend combines with a hint of cherry.

Premium Tobacco Blend
A very smooth classic tobacco taste combined with very subtle caramel and nutty undertones. Sure to be a ‘must-have’.
Queen City Menthol
Rainbow Bridge Skiwi

The perfect blend of ripe strawberries and fresh kiwi

Razzle Blow Pop

This is a light sweet flavor blue raspberry with a hint of cotton candy…great to vape after a day at the Ball Park.

Red Bullish


Riverside Rush Tobacco

It all begins with a BVL Premium Tobacco- This is BVL’s version of TW RY4. Give it a try; it will make your ‘go to’ list.

RY4 Tobacco


Seneca Street Strawberry

A light strawberry flavor with the old school cotton candy taste. Yea buddy!!

Shea’s Sassafras

The taste of your favorite energy drink combined with just the right amount of Black Licorice.

Spiced Apple
Sunset Bay

The light refreshing taste of Summer. A light fresh fruit sparkly taste that is hard to describe. Simply light and refreshing.

Symphony Circle Sweet Cherry

Made with the original Cherry in mind, it is very close to the original with a slightly milder taste. This is a sweet wild cherry flavor

Tangerine Swirl
Tigers Blood
Tobacco by Titan
Tropical Twister


Tupper Street Tobacco

This tobacco was made to order for the owner John, and is a best seller…Smooth!! What else can we say!!

Tutti Fruity
Vanilla Blend

Premium tobacco combined with a hint of the smooth mellow taste of vanilla. Simply the best!

Vanilla Cigar
Vanilla Mint

A minty flavor with a nutty vanilla undertone.

Wellington Watermelon

That’s right, the refreshing taste of watermelon right here in an E-Juice. Very good.

West Side Coco Loco
 5 Corners Yummy Gummy